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Crabbing Supplies

We offer a wide range of crabbing supplies for the commercial Crabber.

We do not currently offer these items online. We do not carry bulk wire nor do we sell crab pots but we do offer top quality supplies by trusted manufacturers such as Rocky Mount Cord Co, Wall Lenk, Dirt Killer, Flexabar, Waterman Industries and more. We are also the exclusive dealer and manufacturer of the unique EASY GRIP HOOK!

Below are several of the items we offer but it is not a complete list. For a catalog please call 800.638.8464 or email a request to

In addition to what is listed.....we also carry Electric and butane powered Buoy Branders, Buoys, Ropes and bungee cord, Hog Rings and Pliers, Rope Cutting devices, Stainless Steel Snaps, aluminum catch sticks, power washer nozzles, and much more.

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